Adhesive felt pads, foam and rubber products

    Headquartered in Seregno, in the province of Monza Brianza, Cogliati is renowned for the production and distribution of adhesive felts, felt mats, transparent and grey studded anti-slip mats for drawers.

    Thanks to our state-of-the art machinery and highly-skilled personnel, our company converts synthetic fibres and wool felts of many shapes and thicknesses, which adhere perfectly onto any kind of material.

    Perfect solutions to protect your surfaces

    Our adhesive felt pads have an efficient protective function of surfaces such as floors, hardwood floors, walls and tiling.
    Felt is a material that is scratch-proof, anti-slip, shockproof, anti-vibration.

    These characteristics allow our products to help you not leave wear and tear marks and scratches caused by the constant moving of chairs, tables, stools, furniture and other objects.
    Cogliati supplies adhesive felts made with wool or wool and synthetic fibres.

    Custom productions

    Available in rolls or sheets, our adhesive felt pads are also produced on the customer’s specific request.
    We can make round, square, rectangular and custom-made felts in many sizes and supply your items in different thicknesses.

    You can also choose your preferred colour: from black to white to any shade of grey and brown, or any colour that best meets your requirement to discretely camouflage the felt applied to your surface.