Our company

Cogliati feltri: processing felt since

Cogliati, operative since 1976, specialises in processing felt and similar products.
Our company works for various sectors including:


Retail chains

Furniture industry

Automotive industry

Household product distributors

We constantly update our technology so as to meet all our customers’ requirements. We have introduced, among our production processes, coupling and the half-cut or net cut filing of felts and other types of material, even as subcontractors.

Our production is extensive and diverse. Among the many items we offer are: synthetic felts, wool and mixed wool felt, TNT, neoprene, EVA, sticky shields, hole covers, sliders, anti-slip and many other adhesive/non-adhesive items, of various colours and thicknesses.

All products manufactured by the company are durable and carefully finished. Our team always ensures faultless machining as well as short delivery times.