Industrial seals

Our experience in the felting industry dates back a few decades, allowing us to evolve our own production creating a department entirely dedicated to industrial felt seals synthetic and wool, crystal, teflon-coated felt that come in various thicknesses and rubber seals.

Thanks to our constantly updated know-how and constant investment in research, today the company has established itself in the industry and offers specific components and high technology intended for industrial professional applications.

Cogliati produces items for different sectors, from automotive to the furniture industry or even car manufacturers. Our state-of-the-art machinery and skilled staff are our strengths to achieve functional and precision components.

Our products include compact rubber seals, PVC seals, polyethylene seals, synthetic felt, wool felt which can be used to lubricate mechanical parts.

Custom-made productions

The excellence of Cogliati also translates into the implementation of custom components, engineered and designed with advanced software and produced faithfully and with top quality materials, chosen according to the required performance standard.

High temperature and wear resistance, durability and perfect fit are always assured properties. Call our factory for specific solutions for your industry.