Self-adhesive hole covers

Practical and useful, the adhesive and self-adhesive hole-covers made by Cogliati are the ideal solution to cover screws and imperfections on furniture and even antiques.

Available in many different colours allowing perfect blending onto surfaces of different materials, these special caps are designed and manufactured to be long-lasting.

You can easily hide any imperfections on your furniture

Diameter, shape, colour and finish vary according to requirements and can also be customised. These items, also known as covers, are in high demand to level surfaces with screws, holes and various visible imperfections.

Thanks to the practical application with an adhesive film and to-the-millimetre thickness, our hole caps stick effectively on wood, aluminium, plastic, iron, yielding flawless camouflage. The aesthetic improvement of furniture and floors is immediate and long-lasting. Try them at home and in the office.

Models and colours to choose from

For maximum result, our adhesive hole covers come in various colours and shades that best fit the original shades of your metal, wood and plastic surface, guaranteeing invisibility.

In addition, customers can request details and buy cards or custom boxes of all shapes and sizes.